A fairer tax system for combating crisis (2010)

Summary :

  • Has nobody seen the crisis coming ?
  • The liberal management failure
    • Financial speculation has not decreased
    • Tax and legal havens
    • In Europe, endless competition promoted by the European Treaties in force
    • In France, a share of negative added value to employees and favourable budgetary guidelines to the wealthiest ones
    • Structural reforms standing on tax leverage : Lolf and RGPO, RGPP, Reate and future Lolf or Ond for local community
  • Which answers for the staff organizations ? CGT proposals
    • World taxes in the interest of people
    • Prohibition of tax havens
    • for a European tax system
    • a fair tax system to protect and revitalize the French budget
    • For local taxation solidarity
    • An efficient struggle against fraud
  • Structuring proposals
  • Conclusion
A fairer tax system for combating crisis (2010)
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